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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Emerald Dreams

Loving the color emerald right now....we just received the Frilly Frills garter skirt & bra in the gorgeous gem color. Could it be because I am so excited for the Tarina Tarantino Wizard of Oz collection?? We should get our first shipment within the next few weeks and the collection has lots of emerald, natch. Or it could it be that I have visions of spending lots of money in Europe?? Most of you know that Curtsy Mama, myself & my brother are heading across the pond on the 7th, and will be over there for two weeks. (Have never been away from Curtsyland for more than a week.....eeek!!) I just discovered today that we will be in Paris during Les Soldes...the summer sales!!!! Apparently, sales in France are regulated by law and must begin and end on dates specified by the government. Les Soldes take place in January into February, & June into July...lasting about six weeks. What divine serendipity!!!

Back to Tarina....head over heels for the new vintage flower post earrings and matching ring. The earrings are so fantastically large in size as far as post earrings go. The ring features the same lucite flower in the center, surrounded by tulle petals. Also adoring the chandelier earrings in the new tangerine color. This earring has become a favorite with Curtsy customers...they are dazzling....


Curtsy Bella
Curtsy Bella
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