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Monday, June 15, 2009

Dad's Day is Fast Approaching!

The first Father's Day is always especially fun for the new dad. Dress his little darling in this cool new My Dad Rocks onesie from Sourpuss.

In this day and age, it's not unusual to hear about a single guy doing the fatherhood bit on his own. It was love at first sight for us with this t-shirt and we know he'll flip for it as well.

It was a tough weekend at Curtsyland as we had to put our little store dog, Snickers, to sleep. We adopted Snickers in 1995 when he was 6 weeks old. He peed in Danielle's lap on the way home from the pet store, then looked up at her with those sweet Beagle eyes and we were hooked! When he was 4 years old and I was going through my divorce, he came to live with me. For the past 10 years, he has been my constant companion. He was definitely not an easy dog, but no matter what trouble he had gotten into, he would look at me with those sad eyes and I would just melt! Through 2 cross country moves and lots of changes in our lives, he was always there at the end of the day, hogging the bed. Towards the end he was not only hogging the bed, he would snore and fart like the old man he was and if I had the audacity to guessed it - he'd look at me with those eyes and I'd just have to offer up another treat. Poor guy was almost 14 and was fighting several serious medical conditions. Despite heavy medications, his pain level was not getting any better. In the end, I just couldn't let him suffer anymore. He was a great friend and we miss him terribly. Dr. Sarah Barnhardt and the entire staff at Ravenna Animal Hospital took such amazing care of him and I am so very grateful.


The Curtsylicious Summer Sale will be held:

Thursday, June 18th from 10am - 7pm

Friday, June 19th from 10am - 7pm

Saturday, June 20th from 10am - 6pm

On Friday we will be taking an additional 10% off all sale prices. On Saturday, we will be taking an additional 15% off all sale prices.


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