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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This past Sunday, our divine Curtsy Girl Heather was married! It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony held at The Bohemian in West Seattle. Her & her handsome are off honeymooning now, but just wanted to send the new Mr. & Mrs. best wishes one more time!!

A messy little surprise arrived from Fred & Friends in the form of forensics for the kitchen. If things sometimes get a little dramatic in your kitchen...the Evidence knife is the perfect accessory to the crime. It is an 8" stainless chef’s knife with a fired-on, food-safe design that’s right out of a CSI episode...and it comes packaged with an official evidence tag. Ever have new neighbors move into the hood that you feel obligated to entertain, but have no desire to spend time with after said soiree? Whip out this knife when you go to carve the turkey, throw in a little mob lingo...and bada bing. A solid guarantee they won't return the invitation.

A fantastic new card line arrived today for those who have a subtlety wicked sense of humor....Selfish Kitty. They feature a simple image and text on the front, with the inside greeting taking an unexpected turn, delivering a dry, sometimes sarcastic, message. A few favorites:

Front: I looked on the internet to find a present for you.

Inside: But all I found was porn for me. Happy Birthday.

Front: I won't give you a book for your birthday because I hate it when people give me books for my birthday.

Inside: It's like they're saying, 'Here you go, stupid, learn something.' Happy Birthday.

Front: It's so amazing you have a new baby!

Inside: I'm still trying to picture you two having sex.


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Curtsy Bella
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