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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a Week!!

Patience....normally I possess a lot of it. I mean I used to teach people how to fly airplanes and you need infinite patience for that job. The universe seems to have conspired to rob me of that particular virtue this week. It began on Monday when I came out to my car after work to find my driver's side mirror smashed to bits! Luckily, the guilty party left me a note - great!! My schedule this week is really tight and after driving a mile without that mirror, I knew I had to get it repaired asap! I called the note leaver Monday night, left him a nice message (really, I was very pleasant) and on Tuesday figured out how to squeeze in an extra hour to drive to the mechanics to get the part ordered. Last night, left the guy another message - still hadn't heard from him. This morning after still not hearing from him, I left a rather forceful message, sharing my disappointment and telling him that I truly hoped he wasn't blowing me off. Finally he calls me back, telling me I was pretty quick to judge him (huh?- after 3 phone calls?) and that he had every intention of paying.....whatever! Had to squeeze in another hour today to get the mirror installed - yippee! Add this fiasco to about 6 others that have threatened to destroy my sunny disposition and you have my week, and it's only Wednesday!! Luckily, I'm taking the next 2 days off to help Curtsy Girl Pam with her daughter's wedding.

At least we received some really cute glassware in the store this afternoon and that has brightened my attitude a bunch! Loving the new Pilsner Glasses that celebrate milestone birthdays. It's always nice to give the celebrant something they can actually use and I think these glasses will get used all the time. We've got them for 21st Birthday, 30th, 40th, 50th & 60th. Maybe the birthday boy or girl isn't a beer drinker. Not to worry, we have wine glasses in the same vein and a few extra designs as well. My favorite is the one that says Change du Life and then on the bottom of the label it says Hot with complex characteristics. Women of a certain age will get this one :)

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