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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The bigger the better

This past Sunday...the Captain and I attended the Kangaroo & Kiwi's annual Day at the Races. The Kangaroo & Kiwi is a fantastic Aussie & Kiwi pub in town that is also the sponsor of the Captain's Aussie rules Footy team. This is their seventh year doing a day trip down to Emerald Downs - our first year joining in. We heard from past year participants that everyone gets a little fancy and that no trip to the tracks is complete without a hat. We also got word that there might possibly be a crowning of a "Queen of the Track." I currently hold two other K&K crowns...Queen of Aurora & Ugly Christmas Sweater Queen. In order to secure the triple crown...I needed to find the biggest, fanciest hat. I set out searching through every vintage & antique store in town, every hat store, every possible place I could think of to buy a hat. Hats not quite big enough for what I had in mind kept presenting themselves. I picked up a pink one at one vintage store as a backup, and never ended up finding anything else as time was running out. I still knew that I wasn't going to be satisfied with this topper as is, so I set off to the craft store...

The end result certainly garnered much attention at the track. I had strangers wanting their picture taken with me and admirers who thought the flowers adorning myself & the hat were real...wouldn't that have been divine! My new Tarina Tarantino vintage resin flower ring matched the outfit so perfectly. And since I couldn't see much from underneath my hat...I was happy to have such a lovely gem to look at all day. Katy Perry was recently rocking this ring as well...

The owner of the K&K ended up sponsoring a race this year, and asked myself and our own K&K "jockey" to come watch the race from the winners circle with him and have our picture taken with the winning horse...meaning I did indeed get the crown of fanciest at the races.



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