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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Curtsy de Mayo!!!

...and Happy Cinco de Mayo ;) Curtsyland is officially three years old today!!! May 5th 2006 was the day all the divine times began....and have they been divine!!! Our absolute favorite part of Curtsy Bella is our customers...we have so much enjoyed getting to know you all and seeing your pretty faces (and handsome faces....and even the not so pretty ones) on a regular basis. You all mean so much to us and we would not still be around without you! We also very much adore the shopping part of our jobs....and we love when you love what we let's keep this good thing going, no?!

Join us in celebrating our birthday Saturday May 23rd...the entire store will be 10% off to celebrate the occasion!!!! We of course will be serving sparkling libations & itty bitty cupcakes as well!

Curtsy Mama made it to Maine safely. The Snick dog & I & Curtsyland are already very much missing her though...his walks are not quite as calls & emails don't get returned in quite so timely a fashion...the flowers may start to wilt a many sparkly things constantly distracting me...eeeh! We are trying our best though and I am sure we can some lobster for us Mama!



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