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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Viva La France!

I think I've mentioned a time or two that I'm a Francophile. I love the country, the people and the culture. I studied French for many years when I was in school and used to be able to get around fairly well. I'm in the process of dusting off my very rusty French language skills for an upcoming trip this summer to Paris. I haven't taken a real vacation in about 10 years. Any free time I had, I used to go see my mom, knowing that her health was failing. As you know, I lost her last fall, so it's time for a bit of travel. I'm pretty excited to be heading overseas for some new adventures. Even more exciting is the fact that I'm taking both of my kids with me. I love the fact that they both live in Seattle and are my best friends. They're both so busy with their lives that it's a real treat for me to get the 2 of them solo for a little while.

New items in the store have me longing to pack my bags this minutes and hop on a plane. The Eiffel Tower Napkin Set will look so pretty on a spring table set for a Sunday brunch. A quiche, some fresh fruit, a bit of Brie.....manifique!

Of course you'll need some cool Paris matches to light the candles for brunch - Oui?

Un petit cadeau - a little gift. This sachet would make a cute little table decoration/take home gift for your brunch guests.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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