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Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Curtsy Mama!!!!!!

Today is my most divine Mother's Birthday! She didn't want to take the day she is going to Maine in a few days, so we have been celebrating all day here in Curtsyland. My brother Josh took her out to the Queen Mary Tea Room for lunch. Then he dropped off a petite dark chocolate cake for her & she graciously split it with me...but we ate too much and then felt sick ;) Flowers & teddy bears & chocolate were delivered....and of course there were presents to open! My mom loves experiencing new things, so Josh is taking her to a Brazilian Jazz concert at Dimitri's Jazz Alley...and the Captain & I are sending her off to go sea kayaking with Orca Whales (fingers crossed!) in the San Juan Islands. She is the best mom in entire Universe...Happy Birthday again Mama!!

The theme of celebrating Moms continued throughout the day with UPS bringing us shipments from Tops Malibu and Ms. & Mrs.. Tops Malibu....maker of our cult favorite Surprise Balls...has new Surprise Cornucopias. We have Birthday Cornucopias & a general Surprise Cornucopia arriving next week, but they rushed us the fabulous Mother's Day Cornucopias. Each cone contains a Surprise Ball that unwinds to reveal gifts hidden inside, plus vintage style prizes, bubbles, confetti, gems, charms, quotes & more! A little pendant adorns the top that reads Happy Mother's Day!

Also from Tops limited edition Deluxe Flower Surprise Balls!!! 10 prizes will be found as the lucky recipient unwinds. How beautiful would those look at each place setting for a Mother's Day brunch?!!

Then from Ms. & Mrs.....makers of the essential survival kits that have gotten our customers through all sorts of M.O.B. Survival Kits...Mother-of-the-Bride. Behind every calm & prepared Bride-to-be is a Mother-of-the-Bride that is surely responsible for the peace of mind. This kit features a mother lode (24, to be exact) of emergency essentials for the M.O.B., including tissues and waterproof mascara to keep teary eyes intact, a calculator to add last-minute expenses, and earplugs for those bridezilla moments. Other kits we have from Ms. & Mrs. include Wedding Day Survival, Bridessentials, Bridesmaids Survival, Labor & Delivery, Shemergency, Hemergency, and Minimergency.



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