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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Project Runway

It's been a mite busy around Curtsyland today. As Danielle mentioned yesterday, she flew to Arizona this morning, so I'm manning (or should I say curtsygirling) the store on my own. First job was to pack up the un-sold Tarina goodies to ship back to the Sparkle Factory in LA. Between waiting on customers, it took most of the day. I was able to get my son Josh to cover the store for a few minutes while I ran all the boxes to UPS. I had just gotten back when a customer bought oodles of wedding shower gifts. I ended up shipping them all for her and she was just so thrilled to find out that we do that! We're always happy to ship gifts for our customers, and we charge you just what UPS charges us, no packing fees ever.

New activity kits from Project Runway have landed in the kids section at the store. The Design a Shoe Collection includes a sketch book that teaches the user the history of the shoe and allows them to design their own fun, fashionable shoe collection. Inspiration comes from different styles, heels and embellishments that are included in the kit. Any good shoe fanatic knows that beautiful footwear are works of art! The Fashion Design & Illustration Studio Set lets the user sketch and embellish fashion, handbag and shoe designs. It even includes the tools to create a set of swatch cards to use on future fashion creations.

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