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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Warning: If you have young children reading this blog with you, you might want to choose a different day as there is a picture with some adult language a little farther down the page :)

I'm so very glad that Danielle is back to work this week! The back room was getting so full of all the new merchandise that I was having trouble getting to my desk and Snick dog was barely able to find his crate.

The whole store smells even yummier than usual right now as she has just put out the new soaps from Tokyo Milk. The triple milled, gently scented bath bar is packaged in a very cool hand glittered wrapper. I have to admit that I didn't know what the term "triple milled" meant, so I looked it up. Triple-milled refers to the production process that pushes the glycerin byproduct back into the soap to make it gentle and mild. The three passes through the milling process also press fragrance in while squeezing water and air out. The result is a dense, long-lasting bar with fragrance that lasts to the final sliver. Wow - now we know!

Steven Shein is an LA based artist & designer. He produces innovative jewelry using products such as plastics and wood, but he uses them in amazingly creative ways! Danielle has long been a fan of his designs and when we came upon his booth at the Magic Accessories Show in Vegas, she was all over it. By the time we finished writing the order I was a fan of the line, and Steven, as well. He's a funny quirky guy and he made me laugh! I'm showing one of my favorite necklaces in tonight's blog, but we have rings, bracelets and other necklace designs as well.


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