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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Curtsylicious Crafts

Curtsy Mama did a fabulous job covering for me last week while I was playing party planner extraordinaire and seriously neglecting poor Curtsyland. Just getting back in the swing of things today as yesterday was the Captain's actual birthday and we've been celebrating since Sunday! And...we have one more birthday boy celebration this weekend...however this one he knows about so it is much less stress ;) I had way to much fun planning the surprise party...give me a themed party to plan and I go insane! Anyways, I thought I would share some of the favors, decorations, activities, etc. that I did for the party in hopes you might find some inspiration for your next special event...

This birthday was the big 3-0 for the Captain. I gave it a Royal theme, as in he is officially Royally Old. So as he was of course The King for the night, he needed the proper attire. I made him a red velvet cape trimmed in faux dalmatian fur. It had a glittered 3-0 on the back, fleur de lis, and a banner that read Royally Old. Before he arrived, I had all the guests write the Birthday Boy a message on the inside of the cape. I also made him a jeweled scepter, a crown & a chalice.

As much as I would have adored having everyone in period costume...budget didn't allow & I'm pretty sure I would have been the only one into it ;) Instead, I made custom sashes for the King's Court to wear. However...I took the traditional titles and made them work into the party. Members of the Court in attendance were the Duke of Drinks, the Prince of Pinatas, the Earl of Entertainment, the Queen Mum, the Marquess of Music, the Prince of Portraits, and the Maitresse en titre (his official mistress...that's the one I wore...any other Tudors fans?!!)

I thought the party needed pinatas....but we needed to fill them with things that grown men would gonna dive for! I had a 3 & a 0 pinata...we filled them with scratch lottery tickets, mini bottles of alcohol (plastic only!), gift cards, beads & leas, parachute men, and some chocolate. We took baby pictures of the Captain, inserted funny quotes about being king, and covered all the labels on the chocolates & mini bottles of alcohol. I also didn't like the colors of the I ripped off the original covering and made them Curtsylicious with leopard & gold tissue.

I had different activities scattered around the tables. I kept trying to come up with my own version of jousting...but had to remind myself how silly grown boys can get if you give them a stick and a competition while drinking. I was holding this party at the Kangaroo & Kiwi pub which I very much wanted to be able to patron after said party. So luckily I found some remote control jousting knights, which kept the boys entertained and didn't cause too much damage. Other tables had plastic swords & glittered shields, a chess game with pictures of the captain glued on to the King pieces, Knightly bowling (with little knight toys & a marble), and Tic-Tac-Old (which I made laminating pics of the king with magnets on the back and a magnetic board.)

Then, getting everyone involved, we did a twist on the classic party game Mad Libs...ours was titled Mad-King Libs. Curtsy Mama came up with two great stories as my creativity & energy were MIA come Saturday.

Hope you can take some of these ideas & make them your own for your next shindig! Many thanks to all who helped me pull this off!



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