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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faux Real

Happy Tuesday lovers! I must expand on the Steven Shein jewelry Curtsy Mama mentioned the other night...I have been rocking it everyday since it came in and it gets oodles of attention! I have been a huge fan of his designs for years now and am so happy to add them to the mix at Curtsyland. His mini-stacked rings have so much detail...many are two sided with different colors. I snagged one of the Faux Real makes me so happy to look at my finger. Other ring styles we received include a mini castle, a big diamond, a heart lock, and vampire fangs (which I also adore as I have a thing for vampires). The stacked word necklaces we received are so favorite reads "Gimme the Fucking Money." Other styles include Shit is Wack, Can't Touch This, and I think I love you. We also received some fantastic big bangles in from Steven Shein...I can't find a picture of them online as they are so new and I am at home but will post one asap!

We are all stocked up again in the hilarious removable wine labels from the folks at Cerebral we added oodles of new styles. My favorite reads "Fuck the Pretense - Let's get hammered"....snaps for bluntness, huh?! ;) We also received a bunch of new cards in from them. A great birthday card that I wish I would have had in time to give the Captain for his thirtieth....front: "happy" birthday my ass, inside: you’re older, I’m older and we’re perfectly within our right to be disproportionately bitter about the whole goddamn thing.



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