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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That tickles

Oodles of wonderful presents for those hard-to-shop-for gentlemen arrived today. Chloe Isabella is a new collection from Metal Morphosis, Inc. The collection includes fabulous mousepads and bookmarks with some lovely ladies on them that are sure to entice the gents to sit down for a read or a surf on the web. Ramona remarks on how ticklish she is when the mouse gets going....Anna has an itch that needs scratching.....Olivia has been lonely......and Morgan shows you where to click for a good time! A few of the ladies can be found on the bookmarks......ready to hear a story. Other guy goodies from Metal Morphosis that arrived include new says "Boobs Rock".....the other reads "Daddy Juice."

Off to dive into my new book that I have been anxiously awaiting.......Influence by Mary Kate & Ashley Oslen. It is said to include interviews and never-before-seen materials from the twins personal collections....covering designers, photographers & artist. I have also been uber enjoying The Goddess Guide which we carry at Curtsyland is absolutely packed full of essential information that every chic Curtsy Girl should know!



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