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Friday, October 24, 2008

In the Black

Let's face it - shopping for guys is always hard. Hard to find great stuff that they will like and actually use. A dark & mysterious shot glass with an animal head as a base. How very cool is that?? The artist states that it can also be used as a candle holder or to stash a supply of paper clips on his desk. Hey! It can then serve multiple purposes at work - by day a sleek paperclip holder, by night - awesome shot glass - really - who else has one of those?

Keeping with the whole dark/mysterious theme, he'll impress the hell out of his buddies at the next poker night with these slick black playing cards. Non-traditional designs on the jokers, kings, queens and jacks make these truly wild cards.

I went to see a new dentist today, usually not one of my favorite tasks. My son had been to see Dr. Emily Shakleton at Wedgewood Dental Center last week and really liked the entire staff and suggested I give them a try. I too, am a convert and that's saying quite a bit. Her hygienist, Jen is absolutely passionate about educating her patients and Dr. Shakleton herself is very thorough. If you're in need, I highly recommend these ladies.
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