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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Nooses

We received a big shipment of new Cyberoptix ties in today....all perfect for Father's Day! My favorite is titled features a silhouette of a man swinging from a chandelier. (Possibly attempting to spice up his love life?? can't be sure.) I also love Cut Throat....a new design adorned with 5 straight razor chevrons. Oooh...and Catstooth....a clever (and slightly disturbing) twist to the classic pattern houndstooth. It takes the pattern, gives it a quarter turn and adds some shifty looking eyes. Many of the designs by Cyberoptix are deceptive at first glance. One of our best sellers is titled She Loves Me (Not). Upon first glance, it appears to be adorned with daisies slowly losing their petals. Look closer and you'll notice the petals are in fact knives.

Seattle's next Mommy Mixer will be taking place here at Curtsyland a week from tomorrow...May 28th from 7 - 8:30pm. Be sure to sign up ASAP if you want to attend....they always fill up fast and have to close it to moms-in-need! Find out all about Mommy Mixer and what to expect at a mixer on their website. That is also where you can sign up to attend....and right now they are offering a 50% discount if you invite another Mom along!!


p.s.....Pretty please don't forget to vote for Curtsyland (everyday ;-)) for NWSource's People's Picks '08 awards!


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