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Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Wedding & Baby Season!

Ever have a cranky Monday? I think that's what I'm having today, even though today is actually my Friday. The morning began with Snickers being an absolute stubborn, stubborn jerk on his morning walk. All he wanted to do was to stand in one place and sniff and every time I tried to get him to walk, he's just pull back on the leash and sit down. So much for my resolution to enjoy several minutes of zen peace during his morning constitutional.

Once at work, every time I start on a project, either the phone rings or someone comes in, so I've accomplished basically nothing. I thought that I would at least get the blog done and I've been trying to upload photos for for half an hour now and it's just not working. I finally checked the maintenance updates and saw that they are doing some routine maintenance on that feature, so today's blog may or may not have visual aids.

Did you watch the Tony awards last night? I love watching them, it's made me so excited to go to New York in August for our fall buying trip. I think I was really supposed to be a star on Broadway - somehow I got sidetracked.......ok, I can't sing, dance or act, but still, I shoulda been a star!

Ok, well I've tried for over an hour to upload photos, so I'm guessing their maintenance is taking a little longer than anticipated. I'm not going to write about products you can't see - I mean what fun would that be> Instead, I'll leave you with the reminder that the F***ing Ridiculous Sale starts this Thursday at 10AM and will continue until Sunday at 5PM. Danielle and I have been furiously slashing prices with our little red pens. This is a SALE, not some namby pamby poser of a sale like some shops, this is the honest to goodness real thing!


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