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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rock & Roll Baby!!

Seems like today is the first time Danielle and I have worked a full day together in a long time. Curtsyland looks so much prettier now that she is back from all of her moving chores. Ok, I have to spend just a couple of lines preaching to the women out there. My mom just had surgery again to correct more spinal compression fractures in her back due to severe osteoporosis. If you don't currently take Go to the store tonight and buy some and take it!! She had several other fractures repaired last December and several a year before that. Osteoporosis is a horrible disease and I would hate for anyone of our fabulous customers to go through all of the painful stuff that she's had to endure!

We received some great new tee shirt sets in the store today. The Hugs Kisses and Rock and Roll long sleeve tee comes with a pair of tiny silver sneakers. The perfect gift for that future American Idol! Pair it with a set of the Rock & Roll Squirties and you have the gift that will be the hit of the baby shower!

Please don't forget to vote for Curtsy Bella at for the People's Picks Contest. You will notice that sometimes our name shows up under the Gift Store category and sometimes it doesn't and you have to write it in. To keep it fair, they rotate the names of the stores that have been elected, so if you don't see us listed, just write it in.

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