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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Nippies

The Captain is finally home! Our new place is finally starting to feel cozy and livable.....still a few nagging projects to complete...but the important stuff is done.....(i.e. shoe wall is complete, jewelry is organized, handbags are stuffed with acid-free tissue and placed in duster bags, clothes are all on fabulous new wooden hangers(!!)) I have heard more than once since the Captain's return that he kind of feels like he moved into my closet. I do feel a bit bad about this....I am hoping once we hang pictures the feeling will start to fade for him. (kind of feels like we get to go home to Curtsyland v2.0 every night.....not sure I see the problem)

We received a much needed shipment of Nippies today! I have been sending Mother Nature happy thoughts all day so maybe some warm weather would finally come our way so you can rock our new Nippies! My favorite new styles are bronze & gold sequin butterflies.....they will look amazing with a tan. We also got silver & silver sequin stars....maybe perfect for the 4th?! I just flipped open our new InStyle and spotted Voluspa eau de parfum featured. We will be putting a new Voluspa order together tomorrow....we can't ever keep anything in stock! Anyways...we have tons of special orders for customers who can't live without Voluspa's candles. Let us know if you have a favorite you want us to add on...always happy to!



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