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Friday, May 16, 2008

Busy Bees

We've been busy little worker bees at Curtsyland today. After all the craziness of the past month, we're both a bit behind in our Curtsy duties. The top of my desk has been especially hard to find these past few weeks and that drives me crazy. Danielle and I are both really organized, so when we have to let things slide for a few days, or a week, it threatens to push us over the edge! I know I've been doing most of the blogging lately, but Danielle doesn't yet have Internet access at her new place and is swamped when she's at the store.

Father's Day is Sunday June 15th. Tell the big man just how you feel about him with Dad, My Hero. Through the good times and the bad, you always knew that no matter how bad you screwed up, he would be there for you. Sometimes to teach you a lesson you needed to learn, more times than not, just to pick you up and help you dust yourself off when you got knocked down. It's hard to find exactly the right words to say "thanks". This book helps him to know just how very much you appreciate him.

OK - that's it for today - I'm going to pretend that I have to take yet another big bag of trash out to the dumpster so I can grabs a few more rays of this beautiful, beautiful sun.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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