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Sunday, February 10, 2008


So about our fabulous new jewelry line....bangles by Marley!! I am soooooo head over heels for these. And as I rightly predicted....half of the ones we rushed in for Valentine's day have already been snagged! No worries....we have oodles of other styles we will be recieving shortly. Marley makes these gorgeous matte gold & antique silver bangles....her main collection includes bangles with positive meanings. You pick the positive and powerful statements that best describe you or a girlfriend....such as Chic, Fabulous, Beautiful, Charming, Unstoppable, Magnificient, etc.....and you rock them proudly on your wrist! The ones we rushed in for Valentine's Day are part of the Words to Live By collection...romantically engraved with the words "Te Amare Por Siempre," translation "I Will Love You Forever."

The other bracelets we have in from Marley are bling LOVE bracelets....jeweled with Swarovski cyrstals, they come in pink, light grey and vanilla (all the vanilla are gone....we will get more in asap 'cuz I really need one!) And as Curtsy Mama mentioned.....these fabulous brand new lovelies are included in the Valentine's Day jewelry and lingerie sale, so are 20% off until Thursday. Hurry in and treat yourself....or leave some hints for your honey and maybe you will get just what you wished for!



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