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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just got back from seeing a sneak preview of Step It Up 2 with SarahRose & Tara...aww sugar sugar ;-) While I am terribly sad and missing the Captain during his stay in freezing cold's always fun to have girl time!! I had a girl in the store today shopping for panties.....her and her girlfriends have a Panty Party every year soon after Valentine's day. She explained they all bring a pair of pretty panties and exchange them similar to a white elephant. No matter if some of them are single that year, or taken but maybe have a boy toy who neglected to treat her to the unmentionables....not a Valentine's Day goes by without them all recieving a pair of panties. Love it!

So the Captain and I were totally on the same wavelength while preparing to be apart for Valentine's Day. We both put together little presents for the other to open every night while he is away....great minds think alike. So far I have recieved fabulous presents everyday....I'm afraid his aren't as exciting.....lots of chocolate and little bottles of's like minus 20 there....poor boy is cold. Tonight he left me with a stack of scratcher lottery tickets to pass the time without him...and I am totally feeling lucky....will let you know if I am a big winner ;-)

Our Easter goodies have begun to arrive....I am starting to get very excited about Peter Cotton Tail coming to town. We will certainly tell you all about everything can bet most of these items are sparkly/sequin-y/fuzzy and very fabulous. In the meantime....the lovely LOVEiday is almost upon us! Don't forget to take advantage of the jewelry and lingerie sale before it's over.....mention the blog and we will bump it up to 25% off!



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