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Friday, February 8, 2008

Ruffle Butts!

That's right, I said Ruffle Butts! These onesies are so stinkin cute, I can barely stand it! Quick, somebody give me a baby to dress! We received a great selection of the Couture Ruffled Onesies from Glamajama. We also received a couple of 2 piece sets - little tiny t-shirt and pant sets, tooooo cute! I don't have any grandchildren yet, so I usually go over the Unleashed Pawsabilities to play with owner Stephanie's baby girl Cameron. We try out alot of our baby items on her, but she's growing fast.

We also received our first shipment from a fabulous new jewlery line today. We're pretty in love with the new pieces and Danielle will be blogging about them tomorrow. Even though they're brand spankin new, they will be included in the 20% off Valentine's sale. If you can't wait til tomorrow night's blog to see what they look like, come on down and get your hands on a piece before it's all gone. Hint - all the pieces we received will make great Valentine's gifts.

It's been interesting in the store today. We've had a ton of people through the front door and Snicker dog has seriously challenged our air freshening capabilities. I think we've gone through an entire box of matches. At least we have these adorable match sets by 2 Pyromaineiacs, so we look good while ridding the air of fumes bad enough to stop a charging water buffalo! Maybe it's all the treats I left with him last night when we went to dinner. We locked him in the store with a stack of goodies, maybe not the best idea?

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