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Friday, February 15, 2008

High IntenCity

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day!!! The UPS man was very sweet to us yesterday....our Valentine from him was the arrival of the CUTEST charm bracelet collection by High Intencity. We have seven different styles of bracelets to choose from.....a chain link that comes in silver, pink, purple, or blue...a jeweled crown bracelet....a large crystal stone bracelet....or a jeweled flower bracelet. Each has oodles of links to load it up with their adorable charms. All of the charms are amazingly detailed...a bunch of them even have little moving parts. One of my favorites is a tiny gold fortune pull a little jewel to open it and your "LUCK" fortune is revealed! Another one is a tiny pink treasure chest adorned with a pull it open to find a chest full of jewels.

The High Intencity charms also include licensed charms.....Hello Kitty and Mr Men Little Miss. The Hello Kitty charms are adorable....(of course!)...sure to be a popular one has our favorite feline as a pirate. We also have one that has Hello Kitty cruisin' in a pink convertible, and the wheels actually turn!

I adore the Mr Men Little Miss charms....I loved that book series growing up. You can pick any or all of the traits that suit you or the little miss in your it Miss Curious, Miss Trouble, Miss Giggles, Miss Sunshine, Miss Chatterbox, etc...too cute!



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