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Monday, February 4, 2008

My Head's About to Explode!!!

I have been working on finishing up closing out our books for 2007 all day today. As it's Danielle's day off, I keep getting interrupted and then forgetting where I was. I've looked at the numbers so much now that they're all starting to run together, they're taking over my head - they're everywhere - AAAAGGGGGGG!! Just kidding! I'm just really sick of looking at numbers today. Thankfully tomorrow is my day off and I don't have to look at, think about or even use numbers tomorrow if I don't want to. In fact, I've a good mind not to have anything to do with the number 3 tomorrow :)

Yesterday, I talked about surprises for Valentine's Day. These vintage containers are perfect for filling with little surprises. How about writing down all the reasons you love your significant other or your child. Cut them into little strips, roll into a bunch of little scrolls, tie with ribbon and and throw them in with some sweet treats?

Maybe you have a new little cutie in your life celebrating his or her first Valentine's Day. These Candy Heart Tee Shirts will make sure everyone knows just how sweet they are!

I just received word that King 5 Evening Magazine will be showing the piece they filmed at Curtsy Bella last week about the Mommy Mixers. It is scheduled to be broadcast this coming Wednesday February 6 at 7PM. OOOOHHHH Exciting!!!

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