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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Baby's 1st Christmas

Good to be back in Curtsyland! The Captain and I had a fabulous visit in Idaho.....his grandma is an amazing cook - we had a wonderful Turkey Day. We drove over to Idaho with one of the Captain's sisters, her husband, and their new little girl Avery Jo who is about 18 months old. Avery Jo is the CUTEST!!! On Thanksgiving Day...her mama dressed her up in a cute dress and accessorized with little shoes that squeak with every step!!! I about died of jealously....I have never had shoes that make sounds ;-( Now that I know that Avery Jo likes to have music wherever she goes....I will definitely be giving her our new reindeer shoes for Christmas. These adorable little booties play "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" when you press the nose!

We also just received holiday onesies for the little ones. Each one has a Santa Baby saying on the front...and an extra little message on the back. Sayings include...."99% Nice - 1% Naughty"....."Santa Baby - Ho Ho Ho!"......and "Silent Night?- Up all Night!" And something warm and snuggly for the little one to cuddle with during their first Christmas....a Baby's 1st Christmas Snowman Snuggler!



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