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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sticky Part II

So guess what the Captain and I did last night??!? We cleaned up another f***ing bottle of wine that exploded in our kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!! (See October 7th blog) We received an email from the winery yesterday letting us know that they had accidentally sent us a replacement bottle from the same batch that the original exploding bottle came from; to discard it and they would send us another from a new batch. We did not have the heart to just throw away such yummy wine....they recommend drinking the wine heated garnished with a cinnamon stick...and also mention it is good on top of ice cream. So I was all ready to begin our cozy fall night with our spiced wine.....set with the saucepan and ice cream. As the Captain went to get the wine ready for me, he pulled out the cork.......and all I saw was red everywhere!!! He quickly got it over the sink....but the kitchen looked pretty much just as bad as the first time. About a third of the bottle was left once all was we did get to enjoy about a half mug each and a little over our ice cream after the cleaning was done. Oy vey.....our poor kitchen!

I started sorting out all of the goodies for our Stocking Stuffer Party today........OMG I am so excited!! We have oodles and oodles and oodles of perfect little stuffers that will ensure your stockings will be the most exciting part of Christmas this year (unless Santa brings you a diamond......or a new car.....or a pair of Manolos). We received lots of adorable stocking stuffer goodness from Italian company that makes fabulous toys, accessories, musical items, and gifts for little ones. A few goodies came that are too big to put in stockings so I put them out today.....

Adorable stationary cases are perfect for budding young artists! Inside you will find 15 colored pencils in 6 different colors, a 6 in. ruler, a pair of plastic scissors, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener. They also make these adorable toothbrush holder/timers......makes the important task of brushing those pearly whites fun while brightening up the bathroom! I have always loved to personalize things.....I also remember becoming bored and moving on from toys quite quickly when I was little. This adorable snow globe allows kids to personalize it and change it as often as they fancy....too cute!!!


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