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Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Gettin Creepy in Here!

Danielle has been hard at work trying to get the Halloween goodies out on the floor. Of course the way it works in our world is that the store can be completely dead, we bring out a ladder, climb it and voila....a store full of customers. Anyways, today, Old Funny Bones and Olde Crow made their debut at Curtsyland. With their cool top hats they remind me of some of the characters in the series I've gotten hooked on lately. Deadwood, was a show that aired on HBO several years ago. It's set in the 1870's in Deadwood, South Dakota. Started out a bit on the bloody side, but now that I'm into it, it's hard not to stay up way too late every night. These 2 characters would fit in perfectly!

The Don Vorhees book Disgusting Things is perfect for that hard to buy for person in your life. I was going to say that "hard to buy for guy", but this book is pretty fascinating (if not more than a little gross) and so I can't just limit it to the gentlemen. Did you know that "Japanese Researchers have succeeded in making the sweet smell of vanilla from one of the most offensive smelling things around - cow dung?" Then there's the chapter entitled Members Only - The Male Body, and let me tell you there is some fascinating stuff in there!


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