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Thursday, May 7, 2009


We received a new shipment of glitter goodness today from Deux Lux. I have it all layed out on the back counter right now after unpacking it...absolute delicious eye candy ;) Deux Lux makes fantastic wallets, cosmetic cases, coin pouches, etc in the most glittery glitter fabric imaginable. New items include a flat card holder...perfect for slipping in a clutch when going out. It has room for a few credit cards & an i.d. on one side, cash & coins on the other. We also received cosmetic cases...the standard shape which is perfect for travel comes in three different sizes, and a new cube shaped case is great for keeping in handbags filled with your daily beauty must-haves.

My favorite item is the new heart shaped pouch....yes, I said a heart shaped pouch!!!! (Don't be embarrassed if you started jumping up & down with excitement....exactly the reaction I had while at the Deux Lux booth placing this order.) And last but not least, a passport cover...which you know I will be flashing all over Europe this summer. The hardest part is choosing a color...gunmetal grey, gold, mint, merigold, moss, neon lilac, seashell pink, periwinkle...oh my goodness...



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