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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time to Get Spooky!

Halloween is next week and it's time to get into the spirit of things. Whether or not you're hosting a Halloween bash, you can do little things around the house to get everyone in the mood. Try replacing your kids regular bathtub soap with these cool Skull Soaps. You're sure to hear shrieks of delight when they're discovered.

Use this awesome Skull & Bones Tray to serve the muffins in the morning or after school snack. Sure to capture the attention and imagination of everyone!

In Halloween at the Zoo Pop Up Book, exotic animals dressed in fantastic costumes enjoy a magical night trick or treating at the zoo. Elephants in skeleton costumes, ballerina hippos and kangaroo pirates are just some of the characters scouting for candy.

Speaking of Halloween, if you're planning on taking your little ones to U-Village for trick or treating, be sure to stop by Curtsyland. Even though it's usually a pretty slow day for us, Danielle, Snickers and I always dress for the occasion and love nothing more than handing out candy to anyone who asks!


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo


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