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Monday, October 20, 2008

I have a confession to make. I'm a relentless tag cutter! Practically every piece of clothing I own is tag-less as the itchy little things drive me insane! I've tried to be organized enough to put the tags in a little book (worked for about 5 minutes) but really, who has the time? I was ecstatic, I tell you, completely and totally ECSTATIC when we spied these Tag Tamers from Hollywood Fashion Tape. Instead of cutting out the annoying little buggers, you simply take one of these pieces of brillance and cover them up! No more playing guess the fabric at the dry cleaners! In the name of research, I think it's my duty to go shopping tonight and buy something with a big old tag and then cover it up! As long as we were in their booth at the gift show, we decided to order some of the original Hollywood Fashion Tape. It comes in this nifty little tin that is tiny enough to fit in your purse and is sure to save you from those embarrassing fashion emergencies that always seem to pop up at the worst times!

With more of us entertaining friends at home these days, we love something that promises an inexpensive and creative way to entertain guests. The Parlor Games Deck contains 50 amusements and entertainments for everyone. According to the manufacturer, "The only apparatus required in the Parlor Games Deck is good temper, good spirits and gentleness, so that at any moment amusement for an evening can be obtained by anybody who wills it." Kinda makes you want to gather around the fireplace with a hot buttered rum and your best pals.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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