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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Booty

My new apartment building has a pool.......and yesterday morning I got an urge to swim instead of run for my morning exercise. After swimming I went in to the sauna for 20 minutes......completely enjoying the relaxing start to my day off. I made my way back to my apartment excited to get ready and head out. I was just about to climb into the shower when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My hair was neon green. I shampooed and used a special clearing rinse right away. Got out of the shower and found I still looked like a leprechaun. I sent my fabulous hair dresser (Maria from Swoop Salon.....the best!!) a 911 text......"What the f*@! do I do??!?" She told me to get a special chlorine removal shampoo and keep washing it. So I put on my biggest Jackie O sunglasses and headed out to get the shampoo. I washed my hair three more times yesterday and the green stayed mean. I was starting to think I would have no choice but to be a green Treasure Troll for Halloween.
By some wonderful twist of fate....I had a hair appointment scheduled for today. Maria warned me that they were going to try to rinse it with some low volume bleach...but if that didn't work....I may have to be strawberry blond for a red counteracts green. Better than green....but I didn't fancy being Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween. The hair gods must have been feeling sorry for me....the rinse worked and my platinum life can continue. I have no desire to ever swim again though ;)

We received the perfect present for those pirates in your life.......Pirate's Booty Beer Mugs by Santa Barbara Design Studio. Each mug comes in its own treasure chest with a coordinating image from the front of the mug. There are four styles......and they are rather fav reads "Ye can have me booty.....but leave me chest alone!" And we all know that pirates can be rather be sure to grab a set of the matching coasters so their frosty brew doesn't damage your pretty things. The coasters come in a box of 24....eight different designs.....and are made of super absorbent paperboard. Sure to keep your Roger jolly!



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