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Friday, October 10, 2008

Slave to the Bottle

Curtsy Girl Danielle has taken some much deserved time off this week and I've been kept quite busy in the store today. Lots of customers requesting our gorgeous complimentary gift wrap, oodles of UPS boxes to try to check in and the mountain of paperwork that piled up while I've been out of town. No complaints though, I like it when I have too much to do - keeps things interesting. I will tell you about a recent discovery that has made standing on my feet all day a pleasure. Superfeet Dressfit high Heel Insoles are available in the shoe department at Nordstrom stores and if you haven't tried them, drop what you're doing....right now...and BUY A PAIR!! Your feet will thank you forever! These nifty little arch supports can be moved to whatever shoe you're wearing and it is un-believable how comfortable they will make your poor tired tootsies feel!

One of the boxes that I got un-packed today was full of cuteness from those crazy folks at Baby Gags. One of my favorites is the Slave to the Bottle onesie. Made from 100% super soft cotton, with lap sleeves that make it a snap to put on

Also in the box, for the baby who plans on spending his free time on the beach, we have the Babewatch Beanie.....nice.


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo


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