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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dead Sexy

It's getting to be that crazy time of year at Curtsy Bella. Danielle was so busy yesterday that she forgot about the blog until late last night. She was without Internet access at home yesterday, so a thousand apologies for no Curtsy news. While she was slaving, I had my first real day off in a long time and it ended up being one of those perfect days. I flew through all my chores in the morning, had a fabulous massage in the afternoon and then danced my butt off at my Nia class. The day ended with dinner with both of my kids at Taste, the amazingly delicious restaurant at the Seattle Art Museum. If you haven't tried it, I can't recommend it highly enough - the food is soooo good and beautiful!

When we were at the gift show this summer, we were so excited by our discovery of the Tokyomilk Parfumarie Curositie line. The scents have names like Poe's Tobacco, Let Them Eat Cake, Gin & Rosewater and Dead Sexy. Each scent is a delicious blend of exotic ingredients like vanilla & exotic wood, or tobac, tea leaves & amberwood. I was spraying each tester as I unwrapped them today and loved each one more than the last! Can;t beat the adorable bottles they come in either.

Zanzibar, the word conjures up exotic images. Located off the west coast of Tanzania, it's main industries are spices, raffia and tourism. Our newest collection from Toss Designs is named for this interesting place. The Zanzibar Travel Jewelry Holder and Zanzibar Playing Card Set will make you long to pack your bags and head for ADVENTURE! There is even a Zanzibar Leopard who traveled to the island from the African mainland during the last ice age. It's critically endangered and possibly extinct. Learn something new every day - right?


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Mary Jo


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