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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

That's How We Roll

Baby Stetson arrived!!! The Captain and I received the call late Friday night.....we rushed down to Swedish and #19 in the niece & nephew count for the Captain arrived about an hour later. He has a full head of hair and itty bitty sideburns.....he is gorgeous! Stetson's parents had organized a big party all set to happen on Saturday. They got married last June in Hawaii and planned a renewal of vows/celebration for friends & family that were not there. Once they got preggers....they found out their due date was on their one year wedding anniversary! We all thought she was gonna pop early - so the party plans stayed as originally scheduled. Then he didn't come & didn't come.....then at the last possible moment decided he did in fact fancy coming to the party. Anyways.....we celebrated everything on Sunday and it was wonderful!

So SarahRose mentioned on Friday that we received new gift wraps from Whimsy Press. I love love love the new wraps! I got them all out today......our gift wrap lady had a fancy new dress by the end of the day. All the new wraps are fav is titled Sticks & Bones and is perfect for the gentlemen. It has skulls & crossbones on one side....and kindergarten wisdom on the other.

Whimsy Press also does FABULOUS cards. Many of them have remarks printed on the back of the cards that feeds off the front. Example of a great one to slip to your hubby when in need of a spa day.....front copy reads "My children are sucking the life force out of me.".....back reads "but I love them anyways." Occasions in which to give Whimsy cards may not come to mind right away.....but I promise they will present themselves and it is best to be prepared. A few cards that could be used when the news is too big to be delivered via text simply read "SERIOUSLY." or "SHUT UP." on the front. One of my favs reads "SONSABITCHES" on the front, back copy reads "Don't let the bitches get you down." And I adore the cards that say "That's how we roll.".....and "Chillin' like a Villian."



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