Adventures in Curtsyland!

Friday, June 27, 2008

CurtsyGirl SarahRose here! Danielle is froliking about her apartment so I have stolen the computer!

Before Danielle and I trotted down to QFC for our picnic dinner, she showed me the brand new gift wrap from Whimsy Press. CurtsyBella already has the cutest gift wrap I have ever seen (I save all of it!), but Danielle was itching to get some new wraps. Even though I only got a quick glipse, I can already tell that both CurtsyBoy's and Girls will be craving their gifts to be wrapped in the cutest gift wrap around. The company features fun and playful gift wrap with reversible patterns, bright colors and eye catching designs.

I'm sure Danielle will fill you in with more about the gorgeous wrap when she can!


P.S. Be sure to keep posted to hear about our new development...the adventures of the CurtsyGirls....


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