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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Butter me up

During the sale madness last week....our fabulous UPS man delivered the new butter LONDON line of pedicure collection. I am absolutely loving butter LONDON. Their lacquers are 3 free....meaning they are free of the 3 toxins found in most lacquers: formaldehyde, toluene, & DBP. The nail polishes have been flying off the shelf so we rushed in the new pedi goodies. Even more fabulous is that butter LONDON is born & bred out of Seattle....they currently have four Seattle locations and one in the Dulles Int’l Airport, Wash D.C. that you can jet to to receive full service manis & pedis with guaranteed hygiene & speed. On their website...I was tickled to find the butter LONDON defines each of the names of their lacquers.

The packaging for the pedicure collection is amazing.....all adorned with leopard & florals & a royally crowned raven. My fav part is on the back of each bottle it states that butter LONDON believes in Rock and Roll, Great Britain, & Fashion. The pedicure collection consists of five divine treats for your tooties and gams. I super wished I would have thought to try out the Pumps Energizing Foot Spray during our F***ing Ridiculous Sale. It instructs to spritz puffy, tired, overworked legs and feet with this Energizing Foot Spray to tighten and revive. Helps reduce swelling, stimulate blood flow, and deodorize.....sounds like just what we needed after each uber long day! I am also looking forward to using the Powder Finish Foot Creme during the (hopefully) upcoming hot summer days while showing off my tooties in some fancy sandals. It claims to instantly hydrate, yet leaves a soft, powder finish to help keep your feet dry and odorless. Also good for the summer months....the Silk Stockings Finishing Gel. It contains Marine biology, multiple Plant extracts, and added Collagen to detoxify, lift, and smooth. All these qualities are suspended in a luscious, light-reflecting gel that will glamorize your gams and hide blemishes.

If your tooties are a bit rough around the edges.....the Rock Off Callus Remover reminds us that rocks are for fingers - not feet! Shake well and apply liberally to hard skin using a cotton pad. Wait 3 minutes then gently file treated area with a foot file. (We do have the butter LONDON prestige foot file in stock to use with the Rock Off). And last but not least.....the Stiletto Stick - Hydrating Heel Balm. The gals at butter LONDON know that extremely dry, cracked heels are difficult to treat, since most products are heavy, greasy, and not at all shoe-friendly. With Stiletto Stick your heels will benefit from a high Urea content and Macadamia nut oil, while staying silky, soft, and never greasy, because of the unique “solid formula”. Love!



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