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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Tattoos

I finally got a sunny day off yesterday and was able to wash my car....Mondays seem to be perpetually icky. Of course today the rain returned and spotted up my pretty car. Mother Nature best have good things in store for us for the holiday weekend....we deserve it! ;) Sunshine arrived for the baby section today from Sourpuss Clothing. Oodles of adorable onesies, diaper bags, feeding sets, and shoes are in just in time for the bundles of cuteness arriving soon...

My favorite onesie has an image of a cute flying pig...the script reads Sleep when Pigs Fly. All the onesie styles that arrived are tattoo inspired....ones for Lil' Rockers, Baby Lucks, & Heartbreakers. All will look adorable with the tattoo flash baby shoes, adorned with classic sparrows, horseshoes, stars and hearts.

Also from Sourpuss, feeding sets for baby that include a plate, bowl and spoon. The bowl has the image of an I Love Mommy sacred heart, and the plate has an I Love Daddy anchor. With all this love for baby....Mama deserves something too! Give her some flash with the Tattoo Diaper Bag. It is PVC and easy to clean, features pockets on the inside, an adjustable strap and matching changing pad.



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