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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who's There?

There is a new beagle in the building! Bruce from The Shoe Zoo brought over his 6-week old beagle puppy today. We died. THE CUTEST LITTLE MUFFIN EVER!!! We introduced her (blanking on her name right now) to Snickers. She seemed sooooo excited to make a new beagle friend. Snickers just never knows how to handle pups so small.....he totally kept hiding behind our legs like a big silly scaredy dog! Bruce is planning on bringing Her Royal Cuteness to work everyday so stop in and introduce yourself. We took pics of her but forgot to get them off the work computer before leaving so we shall post them tomorrow.

Lots of goodies from Knock Knock that we have yet to report! Knock Knock makes oodles of wonderful sticky this year is the Pardon My French Stickies set. It is a very handy set of stickies in different sizes that come in a tray allowing you to note, flag & tag the naughty way. Knock Knock assures that this set is "ideal for total fuckers."

Knock Knock also makes some indispensable pads....many that feature multiple-choice checkboxes allowing you to easily make your intentions and wishes known to all who need to know. Popular styles include THINGS YOU DO THAT REALLY PISS ME OFF, WHY I MUST HAVE SEX WITH YOU, DON'T KILL THE KIDS & OTHER BABYSITTER BASICS, and NEW PARENT CHECKLIST FOR LEAVING THE HOUSE. Our latest style that has already been flying out the door is the ROOMMATE FYI pad. This humorous checklist will allow you "command cohabitants to do anything from washing the dishes to getting a life."

One other popular gift from Knock Knock is their vouchers. Each booklet includes 20 vouchers.....the gift that keeps on giving! Two new styles are Vouchers for Naughty Lovers and Vouchers for New Parents. Other styles we have are Vouchers for Friends, Vouchers for Family, and Vouchers for Co-workers.



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