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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silly Souls

It's been a busy day at Curtsyland - lots of shoppers and oodles of visitors for the Snick dog. Snickers has a devoted following and his admirers come in to visit him on a weekly basis. It's what he lives for! He really is amazing with little ones, very gentle and he seems to know who likes dogs and who is a bit fearful.
Speaking of the tyke set, Silly Souls are "footwear for the soles of the silliest babies". They come in an adorable little lunch box style metal case which can also be used as a bank (a recyclable container...very cool). The manufacturer also donates a portion of the purchase price to Feed the Children. Styles include The King, Dancing Queen, Rock Star and Rockette . Silly someone up this holiday season!

I gave Danielle an earlier version of the cookbook pictured above when she was in college. Now most parents wouldn't call their daughters a bitch but, when I found out what the acronym stood for, she just had to have it! Babe In Total Control of Herself and the BITCH can cook! Great hostess gift or the perfect addition for someone's first apartment.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the awesome Animal Head Shot Glasses that are perfect for the hard to buy for guy in your life. We quickly sold out of most of the styles, but I'm happy to report that we received a new shipment in today and they've added 2 new animals, the Ram and the Rabbit. OK, I know the ones pictured aren't a rabbit or a ram, it's just that their picture is so much better than what I would take and I think the moose and the bull are both pretty awesome as well :).

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