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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lucky Tigers

Hope you all had a yummy Turkey Day! We certainly did and it was nice for Curtsy Mama & I to have a day off together (only happens a few times a year!). Our Thanksgiving was much smaller than usual though....we were very much missing The Captain & Greg (who is like a brother to me/son to Curtsy Mama). Greg is traveling all around Southeast Asia for a few months and the Captain is in North Carolina for Army for a month. Since the Captain was going to have a sans turkey Turkey Day....we decided to put together some yummy goodies to send his way. We sent a big box full of sweets & treats out on Monday....two day air....set to arrive on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning comes along and the Captain is getting worried about the package actually making it to him.....the Army mail system is not always the swiftest. He suggests I have it intercepted and held at a nearby UPS location. I call that location and they tell me they cant hold packages for anyone other than their box holders (WTF?!?....we sent it UPS!) and that they are closing early anyways. I call the main UPS # to see what a Customer Service Rep recommends I do. By this time, we track the package online and see that it has been delivered. So it's somewhere on base but still not to him. We call the Family Support Center...they tell us that all the mail rooms have closed early for the holiday....he can get his package on Friday. The Captain calls & says the mail room in his building is still open! During all this, I had to make it to a hair appointment. I am sitting under the dryer with a head full of bleach texting & calling with my mom & the Captain. UPS has the driver that delivered the package call my mom....he explains that ever since 9/11 he can't deliver packages to that specific building....very high security building. He delivers packages to another building where they must be scanned before being delivered. By this point...the mail room is definitely turkey jerky for the Captain ;-(

He FINALLY got the package yesterday. He walked over to the mail room both Friday & Saturday (a brisk mile long walk to get from his hotel to that building) and found nobody there even though we were told someone would be there....oy vey. Better late than never I suppose....he called to say he was sure he would be eating better than the Pilgrims for the remainder of his stay ;-)

Speaking of the Captain.....his pottery painting skills are currently on display at Curtsyland! We recently received a wonderful new shaving & skincare line for men that goes by the name of Lucky Tiger. I recently learned that when the Captain was just a wee pirate, he used to accompany his mom to the local pottery painting place in Alaska....kicking & screaming I'm sure....pirates don't paint pottery ya know. On a few of these trips, (out of sheer boredom I'm sure)...he joined in. Well you know that his mom cherished every piece that he painted, and it just so happens that a very fancy tiger that the Captain painted resurfaced recently during a move. Now this tiger was very scary.....a pirate's tiger ya know.....with blood on his teeth as if he just finished eating a wench or a swashbuckler. I begged & pleaded and the Captain's mom was nice enough to pass the tiger along to new caretakers. Now this tiger watches over the new Lucky Tiger goods and has been Curtsyfied....the blood has become if he just gobbled up a Curtsy Girl!

The Lucky Tiger line has been an anxiously awaited addition to our gentleman department. Its roots go back to 1950 it was one of the most popular Barbershop brands in America. The line includes Liquid Cream Shave, After Shave & Face Tonic, Face Wash, Moisturizer, and Scrub, and all ingredients are 100 percent certified organic.



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