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Monday, December 8, 2008

Be Prepared

It always gets us excited when we find something new for the guy section. We were so happy when we discovered the new HEMERGENCY Survival Kit. Loaded with goods to cover most situations from clothing stains to static cling all packed in a sleek little mesh dopp style bag. Perfect for his car, desk or gym bag.

We do, of course, have the girl's equivilant, the SHEMERGENCY Survival Kit. The kit is housed in a cool silver mesh bag with a cute little nail clipper attached. Loaded with 24 solutions for all of life's little situations, it's designed to take her from daytime to playtime.

For a fab little stocking stuffer, the minimergency Survival Kit is perfect. Sized small enough to fit into an evening bad, it has mini sizes of 16 essentials. Contents include lip balm, breath freshener, dental floss, emery board, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, clear elastics, earring backs, hair spray, stain remover, double sided hem tape, mending kit, pain reliever, deodorant towelette, tampon and an adhesive bandage. I'm hoping Santa puts one of these in my stocking, as I am the worlds biggest klutz. Seems like I'm always staining, ripping or tearing something and always at the most in-appropriate time. Now I'll be prepared!!


Curtsy Mama

Mary Jo


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