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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I love family traditions. Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year. Every December, since my kids were tiny tots, I have gathered family and friends for an annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Extravaganza. I bake about 20 dozen blank canvases and make lots of different colors of icing, cover a big table with all the goods and let the creative juices flow. It's so fun to watch now that the kids are adults and so many of their friends are in the creative arts, the cookies get really interesting! Add a few classes of wine and they get downright funny!

Another tradition that I love is Christmas Stockings. I search all year for fun things to put into my kid's and my brother's socks. On Christmas morning, we all sit around the breakfast table and see what Santa left us. Apparently that tradition is shared by many as today Curtsyland has been stocking stuffer supply central!

I've posted pics of some of the great little gifts we've sold today. I've had several grown children who are playing Santa for their parents for the first time and having so much fun turning the tables.

Whether you're an old hand at this tradition or a new holiday elf, the Curtsy Girls can help you fill holiday wish lists without breaking the bank.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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