Adventures in Curtsyland!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Under the Big Top

Last night, the Captain and I attended the circus!! It was the Captains' first time, so we splurged and bought the Circus Celebrity tickets. This VIP status of ours included a ride on the Circus Celebrity Train during the Bello-bration number right before intermission. We even got to wear faux Bello hair during our circus is so unfortunate we forgot to bring our camera. I do believe that the Captain and I (and the other Circus Celebrities which consisted mainly of the 10-and-under crowd) stole the show.

My circus fantasies continued through the night and into today as I started getting Halloween goodies ready to be put out. I was filling a black spooky tree with the cutest Dept. 56 Glitterville Under the Big Top ornaments. This got me to thinking that the circus we saw was sans the fabulous classic circus "freaks" these cute ornaments were inspired from. The ornament collection includes Strong Man Stan, Big Tooth Ruth, and The Ring Leader among others. I will let you know as soon as Curtsyland becomes a Halloween wonderland!

Also, as lions and tigers and bears are still occupying my thoughts......I thought I would mention that we just put our Salvor animal pillows on sale!!!! If you love wild animals and can't imagine why you are not snuggling with one every night, be sure to hurry in and claim one. They are too cute and are at a great price!!!



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