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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Concealed Weapons

A big shipment of Cyberoptix ties arrived today!!! One of the latest collections is named Concealed Weapons. Each tie is double printed. The front graphic is a subtle clue to a more "loaded" graphic printed on the back of the tie. The hidden graphic can be kept as your little secret, or revealed during show-and-tell. There are three in the series so far:
*Walking Timebomb.....pocket watch on the front, dynamite and battery on the inside
*Let Them Eat Cake!.....Marie Antoinette's coat of arms & signature on the front, guillotine on the inside
*40 Whacks.......Lizzie Borden's cameo on the front, "Perfect Axe" with Lizzie Borden's initials on the inside
We also received about 10 other new styles that are all amazing.....hurry in if you have a boy in need of some style as they go fast!

Curtsy Mama is off in sunny Florida to surprise the Curtsy Grandma on her 80th Birthday!!! Tune in tomorrow for the official surprise report......I believe one of our fab birthday hats was carefully carried through numerous airports today to be worn during the ambush. I imagine that bright, glittery, fuzzy hat elicited some interesting conversations on its journey.........



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