Adventures in Curtsyland!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Big changes in Curtsyland today!! We rearranged a bunch of furniture today. I have been stressed about making these changes for weeks now......trying to plan out every move I needed to do so everything would go smoothly and Curtsyland would not be a disaster zone for too long. I hate having lots of displays ripped apart! But everything went wonderfully and we got all of the big moves done today! I definitely thought it was going to take two days.....such a load off! Maybe tonight I will dream about something other than displays (probably not though!)

I also started putting out Halloween goodies! We are still anxiously awaiting two big Halloween orders I will update you as it all arrives. We placed two orders with one company - one to arrive ASAP with Halloween and Christmas items, and one to be shipped later with Valentine's Day items. Guess which one arrived today?? Yup......the freakin' Valentine's Day one. There was some very grumpy Curtsy Girls after UPS today.

I became even more excited for Halloween today (if possible :-)) because I got word my BFF is coming to visit! I grew up with Veronica (we went to preschool together!) and lived with her in Florida and New York, before moving to Seattle to open the store. She helped move me out here, but hasn't been able to get back since so she has never seen the store! I still have to figure out my costume.....and what to give out to trick-or-treaters that stop by the store. I think it needs to be something sweeter than candy.......



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