Adventures in Curtsyland!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Curtsy Mama and I enjoyed a mother-daughter theatre night on the town with Curtsy Girl Pamela and her daughter this past Saturday. We saw Wicked, and it was absolutely divine!!!! I had never heard a bad review, and it did not disappoint in the least. It was a fantastically funny & fabulous take on the Witches of Oz and how they came to be...that is before some farm girl and her little dog arrived in the Emerald City. I adored the "Popular" number, during which Glinda decides she wants to make Elphaba (one day WWOTW) popular. It is set in their college dorm room in which Glinda has a wall of sparkly shoes....a girl after my heart. This of course gave us the perfect excuse to rock our new Tarina Tarantino "My Pretty" gems.I love love love this collection!!

The wedding plans are coming along beautifully...we have a date!!! Next August 7th will be the big day, at the Artic Club downtown....I fell head over heels for the amazing Northern Lights Dome room. It is a circular ball room with a gold gilded dome and gigantic chandelier....loves. The ring we have been designing is in production and should be done within a few weeks. We were very much inspired by this Tarina ring....... :)

Word around town is that pirates have been invading bath time!! Arrgh...if you can't beat 'em...join 'em, right?! Our new Wry Baby Bathe like a Pirate cotton hooded towel be just th' thing fer dryin' yer soggy booty an' keepin' ye from shiverin' yer timbers off! The matching washcloth set reminds young bucaneers that a Clean Booty is a Happy Booty, that No One Likes a Smelly Pirate, and to Live Clean! Fight Dirty!

And to entertain said swashbucklers while cleaning the booty....the Ahoy Matey bathtime learning shapes from O.R.E.. The pieces float and the board can be used like a puzzle. Add the matching Ahoy Matey! bathtub toy bag and your little pirate is sure to rule the seven seas!



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