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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Place For Everything!

Little know fact about the Curtsy Girls - we are organizational FREAKS! Both at home and at the store, we love having things in their proper places. When we find pretty (or humorous)little products to help with the job, it sets our hearts all a flutter. Knock-Knock Folder Sets are perfect for those wishing to add a little humor to the file cabinet. Organizing supplies from Papaya can make even the messiest desk look pretty. I love, love, love the Phone Messages Pad. There's worse than missing messages or having a stack of ugly pink slips thrust upon you when you return from lunch. This stylish pad will help your office avert both of those unpleasant situations.

We have a new tenant sharing our building. Welcome to University Canine Learning Academy. The instructors at UCLA are dedicated to helping dogs and their people learn together happily and effectively. They will be holding their Grand Opening this Saturday, January 17th from noon until 4PM. Enjoy games, raffles, treat for the pups, food for people, pet adoption and more. Stop by and meet their talented and caring staff. Parking will probably be a little crazy, but last time I looked, there was a large shopping center with a huge parking garage just around the corner.

When you're finished checking them out, pop into Curtsyland to take advantage of the January Jewelry Sale - 20% off all regularly priced jewelry in the store.

Curtsy Mama
Mary Jo


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