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Monday, December 22, 2008

Think Big

I love products that inspire me. Especially in these challenging times, I need reminders that everything will be OK. It is what it is. This Art Board Print from Papaya kinda sums it all up. Perception - it's all how you look at things. I'm choosing to focus on the positives from the past few days rather than the negatives. I was able to find a set of bad ass snow tires for the Subaru and it's now just a little beast. My brother made it here from Florida safely yesterday and we've been able to keep the store open and make some sales even on the crummiest of days. Yes, there were extreme challenges involved in each of those situations, but we're on the other side (at least for now)!

We've had a lot of people in trying to find just a little something for their elderly parent, grandparent etc... People who don't need a thing in the world and who have limited space, but who are deserving of a little remembrance. One of our favorite suggestions are the Holiday Surprise Balls. As they unwind the ball, there are little trinkets in each layer. A little package of jelly beans, a fortune, some bubbles, a toy, just fun tiny treasures.

Curtsyland will be open Tuesday, December 23rd from 10AM - 7PM and on Wednesday, December 24th from 10AM - 6PM. We will be closed on Christmas Day. If the weather turns nasty again, please call the store prior to coming, we keep the voice mail updated as to our status.


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