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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pink Glitter

The UPS fellow has been so good to us this week!! yesterday, he brought us the prettiest cake servers, champagne flutes, and napkin rings in pink and white GLITTER!!! The handles and bases are lined with itty, bitty craters that are filled with glitter. I believe I have clued you all in to how obsessed I am with glitter. When asked what my favorite color is, my answer is always glitter. Show me any color of glitter and I fall head over heels for it and want it all over everything in my life ;-)

The Captain and I have been wanting to host a Pink Party at our place (well.....I have been wanting to host a Pink Party, I believe he just enjoys the partying) in which everyone must wear as much pink as possible, all the food and drinks will be pink, we can listen to The Pink Panther all night, etc etc. So as soon as I saw these hostess accessories, I decided I must get the ball rolling ASAP. I can bake a pink cake to be served with the pink glitter servers, and serve pink champagne in the flutes and have little pink napkins rolled in the rings. The glitter collection also includes lipstick holders, business card cases, and mini jewelry boxes that would be great party favors. Just pink about could be fabulous!

All this talk about glitter reminds me that we need to get a holiday order together for Glitz! If you haven't tried Glitz, I highly recommend it. (surprising...I know ;-) ) It is the best hair and body glitter spray I have ever found and I have been using it for years. No day should pass by without you being a bit sparkly.



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