Adventures in Curtsyland!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh how I miss Curtsyland when away!! today is my first day back after entertaining family for a few days. I was very happy to see our UPS man bringing me goodies and even happier when I opened the box to find oodles of Shave Crave samples from Whish to give out to our fab customers!! Stop by and pick some will become addicted. Whish makes these WONDERFUL shave brushes for women. When you use the brush with the Shave Crave it creates this rich, lush cream and gently exfoliates your skin while shaving!! And for the sprinkles on can buy the brush jeweled in Swarovski crystals!! I can never resist anything covered in crystals.

After the UPS man was so good to me....our mail carrier brought me the new Elle and InStyle. Oooooh how I adore September Fall Fashion issues!!!!!! They are so big and full of endless amounts of beautiful things that I lust after. I will be very busy in any free time I find for the next few weeks ;-)

So....don't forget tomorrow is my birthday and we are giving 15% off any one item that has a 2 or a 4 in the price. And since we adore you we will take it off your most expensive item. Now I am off to finish glittering the walls of our bathroom!! I used the Stencil 1 human heart stencil as a border and have been glittering the bottom half. It is quite tedious and time consuming....but I LOVE glitter. Stop by and take a tinkle if you would like to see it...hee hee!! xxxx


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